TraderAx is a comprehensive collection of guides, tips, strategies and resources for new and intermediate instrument/bonds/forex traders.

We’ve reviewed some of the top brokers and trading platforms on the web to help you find the best place to open a position, and our expert guides are written by market makers.

TraderAx has been operating since 10 years under several platforms with huge liquidity in market, after Covid-19 and the fall of many forex platforms, the lake of cash in markets, we have newly opened TraderaAX to help investors use their instruments instead of cash /monetise them/use leverage /after verification of the source and liability of the instrument, then apply for monetisation procedure where a due diligence takes place and a monetisation cote is assigned to account if it is applicable .

we at TraderAx  are online trading service providers, offering investment services for trading with bonds ,digital currencies ,bonds and bank instruments.

Monetisation of bank instruments/bonds

We will help you monetise a bank instrument but you must be in possession of the BG, SBLC, Bank Draft, MTN or LTN.

Bank Instrument Monetization is a low-cost, low-risk method of project or trade finance that monetises inactive financial instruments by converting them into cash or cash equivalent by liquidating the instruments.

We will consider any type of bond, if on Euroclear and/or DTC and Free Delivery. The bond should be “A” or better rated by S&P, Moody’s, Finch etc. with ISIN/CUSIP numbers. In the case of some bonds, the total face value will not be used

The instrument is returned when loan is paid back.

High Leverage for your account

Leverage Is a Legal and Efficient Use of Capital. The reality is that professional traders trade using leverage because it is an efficient use of their capital.

A second advantage of a leverage is that it is easier to speculate on small price changes. By using leverage you can earn more money from a small price increase. This makes active trading more interesting

We can offer a High Leverage for your account with costs that will be negotiated depending on the instrument you are using and need leverage to, or to the business you are attending to start.

Professional bonds and instruments Trading

After the process of monetisation your instrument or bond is successfully finalized, we can start trading your instrument using our platform and contacts with triple A banks.

  • Only after sharing with us the documentation of your instrument and verify it ,we can negotiate fees/profits/shares for this type of trading.